Viagra Challenge at the Habib Show

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This man is having some trouble keeping his dick hard for the scene so the crew goes out to the nearest pharmacy and gets a few pops of Viagra, just in case. Sure enough, during the scene with a curvy Hispanic woman, he loses his steam and his penis becomes flaccid. So begins the Viagra challenge as the crew gives him a pill and he downs it with plenty of water. Just as the pill says it does, he was hard in no time and finished off the scene pounding his woman before finishing all over her. See more at the Habib Show.

Horny Black Porn Stars Fuck Before Show

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The Habib Show has acquired some of the biggest black stars in the world of porn: Carmen Hayes and Misty Stone. These lovely ladies share an intimate moment in the dressing room right in front of the camera before moving it over to the bed. They light up a joint, take out the big toys, and proceed to fuck each other for all the viewers at home. Both ladies have huge breasts and even bigger asses, which they feel up and tongue all over. With the help of toys these babe make each other cum and have such a good time, so they plan on doing it again.

Dominican Cock Sucking Hood Rat Chick

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She is a young hot thing and can’t speak a word of English, this Dominican hottie is just another gem found by the Habib Show. They take her back to a hotel room where she shows off how freaky she can get by licking her own perky breasts. It doesn’t take much convincing to get her to take it all off for the camera and spread her pussy wide open and keep her mouth wide open as well for a hard cock. This girl gets even freakier when she stops sucking his dick and starts licking his hairy taint and balls.