The Habib Show Chi Town Willie Ebony Threesome

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What’s up my people’s?!?!? This is your boy Habib here to bring you another awesome ethnic sex dating update. We strolled around the entire town of Chicago with our buddy Willie. He was in the mood for two ebony girls to suck his dick. Well, I was thrilled because I wanted to film Willie fucking these black sluts anyway. Here’s how it went down from the beginning. We called a couple numbers from some local sex dating sites until we heard from the hottest sounding black girls. These two met us to dance and immediately took their panties off, oiled their pretty asses and started rubbing their pretty  pussies before inserting toys deep in their holes. The two girls sucked Chi town Willie off and let him fuck them both. Dirty black girls are our favorite! If you wanna read more about sex dating here you can and I promise you’ll get to fuck ethnic girls like these two.

The Habib Show Anal Fairy on Halloween

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What’s up my peoples!?!?! I know it’s been a long time but we forgot to post this amazing Halloween update for you to enjoy. This black girls costume was awesome. When we asked her just exactly what she was dressed up as she said she was the sexy anal fairy that wanted a dick in her big ass. We were not taken back by that given that she looked like an escort really but that never stopped us at the Habibshow. So, what we did was take her to our hotel room and fuck that ass harder than you can imagine! There’s something that needs to be said for that tight black escort pussy and asshole! It’s something we will never get tired of ever!

Big Black Texas Tits at Habib Show

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When the Habib Show got word that there was a petite brown mama in Texas who was still lactating, they drove over as fast as they could to get some footage. Much to their pleasure it was all true. This woman’s titties were huge, looking as if they were about to burst at the slightest touch. The cameraman wants to know for sure and gets a squeeze for himself and sure enough warm breasts milk starts flowing out. Things get taken to the bedroom and start getting kinky as she sprays milk everywhere during sex including his cock!

Habib Show Tupac Blowjob Video

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Don’t listen to the media, Tupac is alive and well. He’s hiding out in a random hood and the Habib Show has video footage proving he’s still alive and is still the same hardcore player that he was before. Watch as he takes control of the situation and gets one of his girls to bend over so he can fuck her as hard as physically possible. He tells her what to do to make his dick feel good and she listens, doing anything he asks and taking his rough style like a champ. Finally she gets the honor to suck his huge black cock.

Pinky Loves The Habib Show

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The Habib Show loves to crash big parties and every now and then they stop taping the entire event and focus on one particular chick who steals the show with her curvy body, adventurous spirit, and anything goes personality. At this party, the girl was named Pinky and once the cameraman got a glimpse of her, he never moved the view from this babe with a fat ass which she loves to jiggle, smothering the faces of anyone who wants to stick their face in there. She dances around but also gives a great performance on the stage, as charismatic as she is fine.

The Habib Show

World Star Hip Hop Thailand Girl

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On another of their adventures in Thailand and recorded for the World Star Hip Hop site, the Habib Show comes across a cute Thai girl who wants to get married to a rich American. Her name, Joy, is as sweet as her looks, but once she’s back at the hotel room with the crew her dark and sexy side comes out. Just for the camera she strips down and rubs every part of her body with lotion, especially her perky Asian breasts and tight ass. The cameraman was ready to marry her once he felt her lips smother his penis before cumming all over her pretty mouth.

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This hot video from the Habib Show is all about a woman known as Chicken Head. While her name may not be flattering, you’ll see that there is a lot to like about this dark skinned woman, with a sexy natural bush around her tight pink pussy and an appetite for cock. She chokes his penis with a solid grip and then wraps her lips around the head before wrapping her pussy lips around the entire thing. She makes his cock burst like a volcano as she strokes it with a firm grip, paying special attention to the tip of the penis.

Habib Show Hotel Ho Sex Video

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In order to cut back on expenses to film more hot sex scenes, the crew decides to rent out a cheaper motel instead of the usual places. You get what you pay for when the hot young babe you have stripping in your room can’t even continue because of a roach problem. Once the pest is gone things go back to normal and the perky brown honey is spread out on the bed ready for a hard cock to invade her mouth and pussy. They get their fuck on as quickly as they can before the roach comes back to spoil the fun.

Viagra Challenge at the Habib Show

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This man is having some trouble keeping his dick hard for the scene so the crew goes out to the nearest pharmacy and gets a few pops of Viagra, just in case. Sure enough, during the scene with a curvy Hispanic woman, he loses his steam and his penis becomes flaccid. So begins the Viagra challenge as the crew gives him a pill and he downs it with plenty of water. Just as the pill says it does, he was hard in no time and finished off the scene pounding his woman before finishing all over her. See more at the Habib Show.

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The Habib Show has acquired some of the biggest black stars in the world of porn: Carmen Hayes and Misty Stone. These lovely ladies share an intimate moment in the dressing room right in front of the camera before moving it over to the bed. They light up a joint, take out the big toys, and proceed to fuck each other for all the viewers at home. Both ladies have huge breasts and even bigger asses, which they feel up and tongue all over. With the help of toys these babe make each other cum and have such a good time, so they plan on doing it again.