The Habib Show Anal Fairy on Halloween

the habib show

What’s up my peoples!?!?! I know it’s been a long time but we forgot to post this amazing Halloween update for you to enjoy. This black girls costume was awesome. When we asked her just exactly what she was dressed up as she said she was the sexy anal fairy that wanted a dick in her big ass. We were not taken back by that given that she looked like an escort really but that never stopped us at the Habibshow. So, what we did was take her to our hotel room and fuck that ass harder than you can imagine! There’s something that needs to be said for that tight black escort pussy and asshole! It’s something we will never get tired of ever!

Pinky Loves The Habib Show

pinky at habibshow

The Habib Show loves to crash big parties and every now and then they stop taping the entire event and focus on one particular chick who steals the show with her curvy body, adventurous spirit, and anything goes personality. At this party, the girl was named Pinky and once the cameraman got a glimpse of her, he never moved the view from this babe with a fat ass which she loves to jiggle, smothering the faces of anyone who wants to stick their face in there. She dances around but also gives a great performance on the stage, as charismatic as she is fine.

The Habib Show

Rapper Lil Scrappy Fucks HabibShow Strippers

lil scrappy habibshow

The Habib Show presents a candid and exclusive look at a typical night inside the local strip club. These guys have wads of cash to spare and are ready to make it rain on any nearby girl willing to take it off. The music pulses through the place and the lights strobe various colors as these sexy brown ladies take it off and play with each other’s naked bodies. This creates an erotic moment that must be seen once the girls bend over and show off their bouncing fat asses, jiggling in a rain of dollar bills.

Habib Show