The reporting period witnessed the eviction of a Palestinian

How we are fundedOur successesMano River Basin, 25 years of peacekeepingContinuing settlement expansion, most notably in occupied East Jerusalem, is making the two State solution increasingly unattainable and undermining Palestinian belief in the international peace efforts, a senior United Nations hermes replica official told the Security Council today.”In addition to illegal settlements, the practice of demolishing Palestinian structures in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and displacing Palestinians undermines the prospects of peace,” said Nickolay Mladenov, Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process.Briefing the 15 member body on the latest developments, Mr. Mladenov reported that since June, Israel’s illegal settlement activities have continued at a “high rate,” a consistent pattern over the course of this year. Activity during this period was concentrated primarily in occupied East Jerusalem, where plans were advanced for over 2,300 housing units in July, 30 per cent more than for the whole of 2016.The reporting period witnessed the eviction of a Palestinian family in Sheikh Jarrah, residents for over 50 years, after a protracted legal battle.

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