In the wake of the shooting, the replica wallets media and

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replica handbags online I probably made 10 phone calls to my family members during those hours. Everyone, except for my parents, told me that this was just a fight and they would be back together and fine. No one could believe it.. In the wake of the shooting, the replica wallets media and public focused on certain details, many of which were later determined to be unfounded, and discounted others, like Mateen’s own explanation for his actions. If Mateen had indeed been motivated by something other than homophobia, the grief and terror of the gay community were no less real and no less urgent for it. But the narrative that was repeated and turned into fact that Mateen had picked Pulse because of who its patrons were and what they represented had the effect of obscuring another, smaller injustice: the prosecution of Mateen’s wife. replica handbags online

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