We see Tynan next in [9], having lost the will to live and is

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We see kids little, itty bitty kids that are found in car seats in the backs of cars where parents have overdosed in the front seat. And because of the age of the children, we can’t safely leave them with addicted parents. And so, it has just over rolled our system..

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A child he’s now known personally for three months. In broad daylight. In public. While Messier was mistaken about LaCaille’s position, there was no mistaking the observations of Sir William Herschel who first resolved this globular cluster from a very northern position! “1784, 20 feet telescope. Very bright, pretty large, easily resolvable, or rather an already resolved cluster of minute stars. It is a miniature of the 53d of the Connoissance [M53].” His son John would go on to add it to the General Catalog and describe it as a “blaze of stars”, while Messier’s error would continue on for many years as a debate on LaCaille’s position..

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